Churches: Support the Love Life Amendment!

ATTENTION CHURCHES!  You are needed to help pass the Love Life Amendment to the Louisiana Constitution on Nov. 3, 2020!  You are legally free to advocate for the Love Life Amendment! Don’t listen to the groups who want to silence you. Your voice is crucial to protecting life!

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  • What You Can Do: Below is a overview of what a church can do to help pass the Love Life Amendment.  We also have specific recommendations by denomination (we will be posting more soon)
  • Resources: We have downloadable resources for you and your church to advocate for the amendment, including videos, screen images, flyers, etc.
  • Legal Overview: Below is also an overview of federal and state law showing you have the right to participate in the passage of the Love Life Constitutional Amendment.

After reviewing, sign your church up to receive information about the Love Life Amendment! Also, take a look at the Church Outreach Packages available for your church to assist in advocating for the Love Life Amendment!

Please email us at or call Louisiana Right to Life at 1.866.463.5433 with any questions or comments.

CHURCH ACTION PLAN: Things a Church Can Do to Advocate for the Love Life Amendment

Download our Pastor Letter and Love Life Amendment Church Action Plan

There is a lot a church can do to encourage their congregation to vote yes to the Love Life Amendment.  Here is our Church Action Plan below, along with a general list of actions a church can take.

 Launch your Love Life Amendment Church Action Plan!

  • Appoint a Love Life Leader for your church: Appoint a member of your staff or church to be the point person on advocating for the Love Life Amendment. Please have your Love Life Leader contact Alexandra Seghers at or 1.866.463.5433 so that we can keep your church informed about events and outreaches.
  • Spread the Word: Tell your congregation about the amendment! We recommend using announcements or inserts in your church bulletin, posting an image on your screens, posting on social media, etc.  FREE downloadable resources are available.
  • Order your Church Love Life Outreach Package: An Love Life Outreach Package will help your church effectively advocate for the Love Life Amendment! The packages are based on your church’s size. Click here to review more and order your package.
  • Distribute Yard Signs: Continue to inform your congregation about the amendment on yard sign distribution day. Our team will be in touch with you when the signs are ready.. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until Love Life Sundays in October and November to distribute yard signs. Display your large exterior sign in front of the church: Please make sure it is displayed in a noticeable location! Feel free to put some of the smaller yard signs up in front of the church as well.
  • Invite a Love Life Speaker to Your Church: Your Love Life Leader or someone from the state-wide team can speak during your services or at other events in your church.
  • Reach Out to Your Community: Churches can go further to promote the amendment to their local community by helping us purchase a billboard, participating in sign-waving events, holding community events, and more. Contact us to work together on the amendment.

October-November 2020: Make the Final Push through Love Life Sundays!

  • LOVE LIFE SUNDAYS: On Sunday October 18 and Sunday November 1, please…
    • give out information about the amendment in all services
    • encourage your congregation to vote yes on the Love Life Amendment
    • distribute Love Life cards and show Love Life videos
    • pray for the people of Louisiana to stand up for life
    • any other creative ways to empower your congregation to vote yes on the Love Life Amendment
  • October 18, 2020: Love Life Sunday #1: Early voting begins Tuesday October 20, so Sunday October 18 will be “Love Life Sunday #1.” In Louisiana, as much as 40% of the electorate choose to vote during the “early voting” period. Because of this, you cannot wait until right before election day on November 3rd to talk about the amendment to your congregation.
  • November 1, 2020: Love Life Sunday #2:  Take the last Sunday before the election (Tuesday November 3) to remind your congregation to vote yes!

General activities a church can undertake:

  • Tell their congregation to vote yes on the Love Life Amendment, whether from the pulpit or in church communications.
  • Encourage petition signatures and for members to contact their legislators.
  • Distribute literature to church members about the amendment, whether printed by the church or provided by another organization.
  • Show a Love Life Amendment video to their congregation.
  • Invite supporters of the Amendment to speak to the congregation.
  • Put a sign in front of the church supporting the amendment.
  • Communicate to the general public, urging them to support the Love Life Amendment.
  • And Much More!

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Denominational Information

Downloadable Resources

Through the form below, you can request from us pre-printed materials to help you advocate for the Love Life Amendment.  You are free to also use these resources linked below.

Flyers and Bulletin Inserts


Images (For Church Screens or Other Uses)


Download This Overview In a One Page PDF

Churches Are Free To Advocate For the Love Life Constitutional Amendment

A 501(c)(3) organization, including a church, is allowed to engage in an “insubstantial” amount oflobbying. IRS defines lobbying to include advocacy for or against a ballot referendum for a constitutional amendment.

Advocacy on the Amendment Must Be “Insubstantial” As It Relates to all of a Church’s Activities

The requirement that lobbying must be “insubstantial” means that all a 501(c)(3)’s lobbying has to be no more than 15 percent of a 501(c)(3)’s total expenditures for the year, considering the time and effort expended on the advocacy, the use of facilities and property, and the amount of information disseminated.

State Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

  • LEGAL OVERVIEW: According to Louisiana law, any church, person, or organization (other than a political committee) who solicits or receives any contributions or makes any expenditures in support of, or opposition to, a constitutional amendment is required to file a Louisiana Campaign Finance Ethics Report after they receive contributions or make expenditures which equals or exceeds $1,000.
  • WE CAN HELP: If your church orders supplies through the Louisiana Pro-Life Amendment Coalition / Louisiana Right to Life Federation (or works with us on any other form of activity), we will handle state reporting requirements for you. Please note that your entity’s name, address, and amount of contribution will be reported in a publicly accessible campaign finance report.
  • YOU MUST REPORT IF ACTING INDEPENDENTLY AND SPEND AT LEAST $1,000: However, if your church acts independently (i.e. your church puts a billboard up in your community and pays for it directly) AND spends $1,000 or more to promote the amendment, then you would be required to file a Campaign Finance Ethics Report. Contact our office for more information and assistance.

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