Churches: Support the Love Life Amendment!


ATTENTION CHURCHES! You are needed to help pass the Love Life Amendment to the Louisiana Constitution on Nov. 3, 2020!  Don’t listen to the groups who want to silence you.  Your voice is crucial to protecting life!

Learn More About the Love Life Amendment

Below is an overview of federal and state law showing you have the right to participate in the passage of the Love Life Constitutional Amendment.

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Churches and the Love Life Amendment

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Churches Are Free To Advocate For the Love Life Constitutional Amendment

A 501(c)(3) organization, including a church, is allowed to engage in an “insubstantial” amount of lobbying. IRS defines lobbying to include advocacy for or against a ballot referendum for a constitutional amendment.

Advocacy on the Amendment Must Be “Insubstantial” As It Relates to all of a Church’s Activities

The requirement that lobbying must be “insubstantial” means that all a 501(c)(3)’s lobbying has to be no more than 15 percent of a 501(c)(3)’s total expenditures for the year, considering the time and effort expended on the advocacy, the use of facilities and property, and the amount of information disseminated.

Things a Church Can Do to Advocate for the Love Life Amendment

  • Tell their congregation to vote yes on the Love Life Amendment, whether from the pulpit or in church communications.
  • Encourage petition signatures and for members to contact their legislators.
  • Distribute literature to church members about the amendment, whether printed by the church or provided by another organization.
  • Show a Love Life Amendment video to their congregation.
  • Invite supporters of the Amendment to speak to the congregation.
  • Put a sign in front of the church supporting the amendment.
  • Communicate to the general public, urging them to support the Love Life Amendment.
  • And Much More!

If Spending $1,000 or More, a Church Must Report the Expenditure

According to Louisiana law, any church, person, or organization (other than a political committee) who solicits or receives any contributions or makes any expenditures in support of, or opposition to, a constitutional amendment is required to file a Louisiana Campaign Finance Ethics Report after they receive a contributions or make an expenditures which equals or exceeds $1,000. Contact us for further information. The Louisiana Pro-Life Amendment Coalition is available to provide further information on these matters or direct you to others who can assist.

The information provided regarding federal nonprofit tax law has been evaluated and approved by The Bopp Law Firm, P.C. The information provided does not constitute legal advice for your specific situation and is for general informational purposes only.

Downloadable Resources

Through the form below, you can request from us pre-printed materials to help you advocate for the Love Life Amendment.  You are free to also use these resources linked below.

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